Research Grants and Contracts


Application/Award ID RP Name Proposal Title $ Funded Start Date
1R43AA024993-01 EkiR Feasibility of Mobile Augmented Reality Intervention
Preventing Youth Alcohol Use
1,49,947 14/7/16
9R44DP006291-02-00(CDC) WS Phase 1 Marketability of a technology-based intervention to increase
HPV vaccination.
2,22,982 17/8/16
5R44DP006291-03-00(CDC) WS Phase 2 1,29,430 17/8/17
6R44DP006291-03-01(CDC) WS extension
1R43AA025293-01A1 PBI-m Phase 1 Feasibility of a mobile parent-based intervention to reducealcohol use by high school seniors. 1,49,972 17/8/17
1R41DA039595-01 4-H Phase 1 Interactive technology for media literacy drug prevention in
community groups
2,24,630 22/4/15
2R42DA039595-02A1 4-H Phase 2 14,26,420 15/3/17
5R42DA039595-03S1 4-H supplement 73,579 11/4/18
2R44AA025293-02 Parenting Now Feasibility of a mobile parent-based intervention to reduce
alcohol use by high school seniors
14,70,004 1/6/19
1R43NR018977-01A1 Mighty Moments Mighty Girls and the Mighty Moment app: Leveraging
Innovative Technology, Narrative Theory and Social Media to
Empower Young Girls to Resist Peer Pressure to Engage in
Risky Sexual Behavior
2,42,942 1/8/19
Contract #8500036231 Nicaragua Expanding the Influence of “Dale se REAL” in Nicaragua
Central America
78,914 1/1/14
Subaward on 5R01NR014851-02 Mighty Girls A novel pregnancy prevention intervention for Latino middle
school girls
1,48,974 1/1/15
Subcontract 73084 RWJ Implementation of the evidence-based keepin’ it REAL
90,879 1/1/15
Contract DARE High School Development of the D.A.R.E. High School Substance Use
Prevention Curriculum
1,70,900 1/1/16
Contract Gambling Adolescent gambling and gaming prevention research 23,580 1/6/17
APA-2017-16053 Merck Educating about HPV Vaccination: The HPV Stories Project 81,400 1/6/18
Contract Georgia Media-O REAL Media-O Online Youth Media Literacy Program to
Prevent Opioid Abuse
40,000 1/8/19