The Student-Athlete Wellness Portal provides high-school athletes with health information about a variety of health topics but most recently about prescription opioids through engaging stories from other athletes. Athletes, particularly those in contact sports, are at serious risk of opioid addiction developing from these drugs. The online and touch pad-based Portal uses the best digital techniques to teach strategies derived from REAL Prevention’s evidence-based keepin’ it REAL program to combat the opioid epidemic.


REAL Parenting is an exciting new program that empowers parents to help their high school-aged youth avoid the dangers of alcohol use. It teaches them that they can make a difference through research-based parenting strategies that have been demonstrated to be effective. This brief, online curriculum was developed from the evidence-based Parenting Handbook for Talking with About Alcohol, whose clinical trials and published reports were evaluated as being effective by the Surgeon General and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s AIM Matrix.


Mighty Teens is an innovative program that empowers adolescent girls to resist sexual pressure so they can lead healthy lives. The hybrid curriculum consists of 7 face-to-face lessons and the Mighty Moment app to teach youth strategies derived from the evidence-based keepin’ it REAL curriculum and years of research. The girls not only learning about healthy living, but the narrative app teaches them about storytelling and helps them create their own “mighty moment”.