Our current suite of digital products includes a remote version of the keepin’ it REAL program and an e-learning program titled REAL Media. All of these are designed to provide adults with high-quality prevention content that can be used in school, at home, or in hybrid learning environments. These digital products are all built on an award-winning, evidence-based prevention approach proven to reduce substance use, aggression, and enhance the ability of youth to effectively resist offers of illicit substances, resist unwanted social pressure, and increase their social and emotional competencies. The digital materials for keepin’ it REAL and Mighty Teens emphasize weighing options and choices, positive and negative risks, communication and conflict, effective refusal strategies, managing emotions, and building supportive networks. These provide students with essential social and emotional skills for fostering positive youth development and promoting mental health.

REMOTE LEARNING with keepin’ it REAL


REAL Remote is the remote delivery version of the evidence-based keepin’ it REAL program. This prevention approach that has been extensively tested and proven effective when implemented in classrooms by teachers and health professionals. REAL Remote provides teachers, parents, and students with an engaging and flexible prevention approach that can be used at home, in class, or in hybrid learning environments. The Instructor materials remain the same, but students can participate in realtime remotely with student workbook answers accessible to instructors through the learning portal. Compatible with ZOOM or other video conferencing lesson delivery technologies.


  • A “from kids, through kids, to kids” approach building on teens’ personal accounts
  • Ten 45 to 50-minute lessons
  • 5 videos • Powerpoint slides
  • Detailed instructor lesson plans
  • Instructor portal to purchase REAL Remote student licenses, manage student work, and communicate with students
  • Complimentary evaluation tools, completion certificate, and three supplementary lessons that can be used as booster lessons!


REAL MEDIA for Middle and High School students gives adolescents the skills and knowledge necessary to help them avoid the misuse/abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and vaping. There are separate e-learning programs focusing on opioids (REAL Media-O) and another focusing on marijuana use (REAL media-M). This 5-module program is ideal for school districts, community-based organizations, and agencies serving students in grades 7-12. It is available in both digital and print formats. The module is designed to be a stand-alone component of your prevention strategy. The digital version is intended for independent student study. Students need access to the internet and a digital media format- i.e. tablet, iPad, computer, etc. However, an instructor-led license is available