Core Skills

kiR provides a variety of skills-based programs  that  teach  teens  how  to  make healthy and safe decisions and enhance their abilities to resist using alcohol and other drugs. Each day teens are assaulted with misleading messages that glamorize drug use.  This program develops skills that protects them from a range of high-risk behaviors.

  • Drug Resistance Skills

Students learn practical resistance skills for refusing, avoiding, explaining, leaving and dealing with social pressure to use alcohol and other drugs.

  • Decision Making Skills

Students learn how to do risk assessment and systematic methods for decision-making.

  • Personal Self-Management Skills

Students learn how to manage stress and anxiety, identify social support, and handle personal challenges.

  • General Social Skills

Students develop skills to communicate effectively and avoid misunderstandings

  • Critical Thinking Skills

Students learn to recognize and challenge common misconceptions about tobacco, alcohol and other drug use. To critically think about norms of use and how different media shape perceptions of use.