Celebrating Safely

REAL Prevention Celebrating Safely

Celebrating Safely

Targeted for high school aged adolescents, CELEBRATING SAFELY is a 50-minute presentation addressing underage drinking, legal and personal ramifications of alcohol use, and providing safety tips for celebrations. This could be a presentation in individual classroom settings or as a group assembly and presented around the weeks of life celebrations such as homecoming, prom, or graduation.

The digital materials include a lesson plan, tip sheet, video file, and optional live performance script for those schools who want to involve their drama clubs!


  • each lesson including PowerPoint presentation
  • Video Option or Live performance script to involve school drama clubs
  • Short lesson that allows for flexibility

Product Details

  • Preventative program
  • Can be administered in a large group setting or in a smaller classroom setting
  • Appropriate for use in schools and in the community

Cost: $20 (free shipping) for portable drive containing all digital files.